Computations – Simulation
Computations and numerical simulations utilizing the following software:
  • FLUENT: Laminar or turbulent, two-dimensional or thee-dimensional flow in complex domains and hydraulic works via LES or RANS.
  • HAMMER, HAESTAD METHODS: Flow in systems of closed conduits or open channels.
  • SIMPLER: Laminar or turbulent, two-dimensional elliptic or three-dimensional parabolic flow.
  • MIKE21, ΜΙΚΕ3, LWaveS: Coastal hydraulics and sediment transport. Open-sea hydrodynamics. LES, RANS, Boussinesq or Mild Slope Equation.
  • MIKE SHE, MIKE BASIN: Water resources management.
  • Processing Modflow Pro (MODFLOW, PMPATH), Visual MODFLOW Pro (MODFLOW, SEAWAT, MODPATH), ArgusONE (SUTRA), FASTC, SWIFT, VAPOURX, GWPROB: Flow and mass transport in the saturated and the unsaturated zone; density driven flow.
  • WMS, ENNS, HAESTAD METHODS, MIKE SHE: Hydrologic simulation.