Open channel, 60m in effective length, of orthogonal cross section, 2.5m in width and 1.5m in length, with a glass wall observation section. Water is pumped in the open channel from an underground reservoir using four pumps, which can deliver a maximum flowrate of 19600m3/hr. An electrically powered measurement carriage, capable of carrying personnel and equipment, moves along the entire length of the channel. At the end of the channel there exists a circular, hydraulically powered sluice gate, beyond which the water drops into the underground reservoir, achieving recirculation. Over the channel, a number of ultrasound sensors for water depth measurements exist, as well as two video cameras. The pumps, the slice gate and the ultrasound water depth measuring devices can be controlled remotely through a computer installed in a separate room in the laboratory. A bridge crane operates over the entire length of the channel.